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Lagermax pioneers logistics and transport innovations by anticipating megatrends such as globalization, mobility, connectivity and ecology. The interactive exhibition truck showcases the latest industry trends and visions, positioning Lagermax as a leader in shaping the future of connected and sustainable logistics.


Rise of the global generation


Globalisation is expected to bring markets closer together, offering an increasingly complex interplay of logistics solutions. On one hand, the global economy will be more internationalised and interconnected. Production will increasingly be oriented towards specific markets. Onshoring and nearshoring will be counter-trends to conventional globalisation, with the goal of achieving the closest possible physical proximity to customers for a rapid and flexible response to changes in demand patterns. Local activity will also grow in significance for Lagermax within the context of globalisation, as a precondition for glocalisation.

A world in motion


The world is becoming increasingly mobile, necessitating modern infrastructure, technological advancements in means of transportation, engines, and the reorganization of traffic and transport flows. Mobility will undergo fundamental changes. Key drivers of this development can be found in urban areas, where the transportation of passengers and goods will be a crucial issue.

Intelligent networking


Connectivity stands for the digitization and interconnection of all aspects of life. It is the driving force behind the transformation from an industrial economy to a network economy. Lagermax is facing a phase of extreme automation and virtualization of industrial processes. Near-real-time control of supply chains and anticipatory logistics, offering complete flexibility, holds the keys to success.

Green logistics


Neo-ecology refers to ecological sustainability and maximum efficiency in all fields - in the worlds of finance, municipal construction, mobility planning, and ethical consumption. Effective environmental protection, resource efficiency, CO2 savings, fair working and trading conditions, transparency, and corporate responsibility all demand a fundamental redesign of our economic system. Markets and consumption patterns will change radically. Innovative energy systems and decarbonization will be the driving forces in tomorrow's traffic and logistics. The immense pressure caused by the green revolution will also create new opportunities.

A new logistic design.
The futurespace.



Augmented Reality

The mobile exhibition truck, futurespace, uses AR technology to give visitors an interactive experience, showcasing how the logistics industry will change in the coming years. AR tablets enable embedding of virtual information and objects into the real world, allowing visitors to experience optimal placement of goods and logistics flow.

The futurespace promotes technology transfer and education, simplifying complex processes and relationships for a better perception of the logistics industry.

Interactive Terminal

Experience the future of logistics up close! The interactive terminal offers you the opportunity to discover the latest trends and developments in the industry. With augmented reality, you get a realistic representation and can experience the technology interactively. Clear explanations of megatrends such as globalization, mobility, and ecology help you better understand the future of logistics.

Be amazed at the possibilities that arise and be inspired by the industry's innovation power. Visit the interactive terminal and dive into the fascinating world of logistics!

Lagermax World

Explore the Lagermax network on an interactive map and discover the various services and companies within the group. Learn more about the size and number of employees of the Lagermax Group as well as the different locations and business areas.

The virtual map provides you with a comprehensive overview of the company and its activities. Whether you want to learn more about logistics services or transport solutions, experience the diversity and size of the Lagermax network and get to know the companies and their locations better.

Discover all our services and let's shape the future together.

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